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4 Protein Shakes That Taste Like Cheat Day

Sad but true: Some of our favorite treats come with an alarming number of calories, less-than-desirable ingredients, and maybe even a stomach ache. Though we might save our most decadent indulgences (like ice cream-topped pie and chocolate candy bars) for cheat days and special occasions, our taste buds still expect top-notch flavor when we’re on our nutrition game.

Our in-house dietitian, Jaclyn Jacobsen, M.S., blended up four muscle and macro-friendly protein shakes to satisfy our cravings—without the side dish of guilt. Check ’em out!

  1. Slurp up chocolate-coconut heaven with this Almond Joy protein shake, made with True Athlete chocolate whey protein.

2. For anyone who eats cookie dough straight from the tub, this Unicorn Milk Cookie Dough protein shake will free you from your belly-ache-inducing habit. (Have you tried that MAN Sports Unicorn Milk whey protein yet?)

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3. Whether it’s Thanksgiving time or mid-April, this apple pie shake tastes just like a slice of mama’s best with a big ol’ scoop of vanilla bean on top (thanks to our go-to vanilla BodyTech whey protein).

4. It’s a classic oatmeal cookie in a cup…that also happens to be sugar-free and pack 25 grams of protein. Also made with vanilla BodyTech whey.

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