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My New Obsession: Andalou Naturals CannaCell Botanical Shampoo And Conditioner

When it comes to my hair, I have serious separation anxiety. In fact, I avoid surrendering my tresses to the mercy of a pair of scissors at all costs. Unfortunately, because I’m too timid to go to new lengths, I spend a little too much quality time getting acquainted with my split ends. It doesn’t help that I can never seem to find high-quality (but affordable) shampoo and conditioner. Most just sap what’s left of the life in the hair that I refuse to chop.

But, when I was given the opportunity to try out a new hair-care routine, I rose to the challenge. I planned to test the hemp-based Andalou Naturals’ CannaCell Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner for a week. I hoped they would become my new holy grail hair products.

Hemp Hair-Care: Leah with Andalou Naturals CannaCell Shampoo and Conditioner

The Secret Ingredient

Unlike most commercial shampoos and conditioners that are made with harsh chemicals and artificial who-knows-what, Andalou Naturals’ CannaCell Shampoos and Conditioners are infused with CannaCell hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil, and pure plant essential oils. Andalou also offers two other lines of shampoo and conditioner: CannaCell Botanical Chamomile and Myrtle Leaf Flower Power and CannaCell Herbal Patchouli and Basil Mint Moisture Hit.

The best part? Both kinds of shampoo and conditioner are natural and just shy of 10 dollars a pop. For this experiment, I opted to go with CannaCell Botanical because it may support “peace, love, and revitalizing hydration,” as the bottle reads.  My hair could definitely use some of that.

finally Noticing Hydration

Knowing that my hair needed some serious TLC, I was nervous to try these CannaCell products and be let down by the results.  But thanks to the rich shampoo and milky conditioner, I felt totally at peace once I ran my fingers through a section of revitalized, silky hair.

I typically let my hair air-dry to avoid damaging it further, but in doing so, my hair eagerly shows off its frizz.  To my amazement, though, my hair dried smoother than usual and my waves looked shiny after just one wash with the CannaCell products. I was definitely feeling the love.

However, the true test would be to see how long my hair could go unwashed.  I tend to wash my hair every other day because I have an oily scalp. If I go any longer, I often notice dandruff, unruly frizz, and grease. Though my scalp situation didn’t drastically improve after using CannaCell, I don’t hold it against this product. No shampoo or conditioner I’ve tried has solved that one!

However, CannaCell did keep my locks looking hydrated and frizz-free that second day post-wash. I finished out the week washing my hair every other day and continued to see the same results. A big win in my book.

Final Thoughts

I can safely say that I will continue to rely on CannaCell’s shampoo and coniditioner in my hair-care routine. The mild scent of chamomile and myrtle leaf was subtle, yet fresh; the lather was rich, yet gentle; and the conditioning treatment generously provided my hair with much-needed hydration.

Even though I’m wary of trends due to their come-and-go nature, I can officially get behind the hemp hype. I love that this natural ingredient has benefited me and my beauty needs! Of course, nothing can save my hair quite like a healthy chop, but these products can definitely help keep my locks lively between trips to the salon.

Leah Kenny Is A Social Media Intern At The Vitamin Shoppe.

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