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blue light-blocking glasses

Review: I Tried Blue Light-Blocking Glasses To Ease My Headaches And Eye Strain

I’ve always taken pride in having pretty good eyesight. I don’t have to wear contacts or glasses every second of my life; I can wake up, rub my eyes, and be able to see right in front of me without having to reach for thick frames.

I’m not completely free of eye issues, though. In most careers nowadays, we’re glued to our computers, laptops, and phones more often than we’d like to admit. And even when the workday is over, we’re still using digital devices, especially our phones, right up until bedtime. It takes a toll.

In my own life, that screen time has increased since the pandemic hit, now that my entire day is spent in front of a screen. I no longer have the office interruptions I once took for granted, like lunch walks to stretch my legs or the “meeting that could have been an email” in the conference room two floors up.

Recently, after logging many hours on my phone and computer, I started developing headaches and eye strain. I don’t usually suffer from headaches or migraines, so this was alarming for me. I thought it could be related to stress or my diet, but I noticed my headaches started when I opened my laptop, or after being on my phone for a long time.

So, when I was given the opportunity to try The Book Club Anti-Blue Light Glasses, I was excited to test them out. I hoped they would alleviate some of my eye strain and headaches.

About Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Blue-light blocking glasses work to protect your eyes from the high-energy blue light emitted from digital screens like smartphones, tablets, computer screens, and TVs. This light is often associated with issues like headaches, eye strain, and trouble sleeping.

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The Book Club glasses have a special tinted lens that can alleviate up to 30 percent of blue light emitted from digital devices. Plus, they’re made of recyclable BPA-free material, so they’re environmentally-friendly.

Trying The Glasses

I tried out The Book Club Anti-Blue Light Glasses in their Grime In Banishment style. They’re a polished black color, in a classic shape, and seem to be flattering for most face shapes. They were packaged in a really cute, recyclable box and yellow canvas glasses holder.

Right off the bat, I could see the yellow tint in the lens, but it was subtle enough not to be bothersome. I put them on and said goodbye to the evil blue light.

The glasses fit perfectly. They didn’t slide down or give me a mark on the bridge of my nose, and they weren’t too tight on my ears. Though I’m not used to wearing glasses regularly, these were comfortable enough to wear all day without it feeling like a huge adjustment.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself lifting up your glasses to compare the difference in how your screens look, and I thought it was a striking change. The glasses adjust the screen color to be a very subtle and warm light. (Even though the lenses have a yellowish tint, the screens don’t actually look yellow.) While working or using my phone, I honestly didn’t notice the difference until I took the glasses off and noticed how raw and blue my screen (and even the environment around me) looked.

As I wore the glasses, I felt the eye strain dissipate. After just a day or two, I found my headaches and eye pain went away completely.

Final Thoughts

These glasses are a game-changer for me. Now, except for when I watch television, I don’t use digital devices without putting them on. (Since the TV screen isn’t so close to my face, I don’t have an issue with the light from it.)

I’m a huge fan of these glasses and I’ve told all of my friends and family to get them. This simple fix has given me 30 days without a headache. If you want to protect your eyes, I definitely recommend them!

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