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Review: I Tried Mytrition Aromatherapeutic Oil Blends For Energy and Sleep

Until recently, I had never used essentials oils—but I’d always been curious about aromatherapy. That’s why, when The Vitamin Shoppe’s Wellness Testers program reached out to me, I jumped at the chance to try the new Mytrition Aromatherapeutic Oil Blends.

Like the name of the product says, these are essential oil blends, so various oils like lavender and citrus are already combined to help you reach specific wellness goals quickly and conveniently. They come in four different blends: Clarity, Relax, Energy, and Dream. I was sent the Energy blend to test in the morning and the Dream blend to test in the evening.

Mytrition Energy Aromatherapeutic Oil Blend

This blend is a mix of various citrus oils like mandarin, tangerine, and lime, as well as neroli flower oil. The combo is meant to energize, so I used it in the beginning of my day. I smelled it straight from the bottle or I put a few drops onto a paper towel, and then inhaled, usually during my 45-minute drive to work. I enjoyed the citrusy scent a lot!

This product had a very specific effect: It allowed for a more pleasant ride to work (no road rage!) and I felt better in general at the start of my day. I was calmer going into work after having the aroma around me in the car and it actually boosted my mood! I’ll continue using this product to help me start my day on a more positive note.

Mytrition Dream Aromatherapeutic Oil Blend

This blend is a mix of lavender, orange, frankincense, mandarin, marjoram, and ylang ylang. I consumed it by steam inhalation, placing drops into the shower and running extremely hot water for a few minutes before getting in. One I was in the shower, I would breathe it in. The scent was nice! I used Dream for five days, right before bedtime.

I went into using the Mytrition Dream Aromatherapeutic Oil Blend with one hope: I wanted it to help me do what the product says it’ll do: “rest, unwind, and snooze.” I hoped that I would fall asleep more quickly and have a more restful night’s sleep—and I did! I felt more relaxed before going to bed, which helped my mind shut off more easily. Another bonus: I felt well-rested in the morning—more so than without using the product.

Just a word of advice for aromatherapy beginners: Be mindful of how many drops you use. During my first time with the oils I used way too much. After my aromatherapeutic shower, my entire house smelled like the oil. It was super-strong and actually gave me a headache, so one or two drops is all you need for a pleasant experience. A little goes a long way!

I will continue using both of these oils and will also recommend them to friends.

This Wellness Tester received free products in exchange for an honest review.

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