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My New Obsession: RXBAR Protein Bars

I like to think of myself as a relatively health-conscious eater. I read my nutrition labels, aim to keep most of my meals 50 percent veggies, and constantly read up on the latest food and nutrition news. Heck, I’ve even been a pescatarian for 14 years now.

Though I’m not a fan of super-restrictive diets, I am always up for ways to challenge myself and eat cleaner. So, like many people, after a Pina Colada-filled family trip to Aruba, I kicked off 2019 with Whole30, a 30-day eating program designed to help people get back to healthier eating habits.

With all dairy, grains, and legumes off the table in Whole30, I wondered where I’d get my protein from. Cheese and beans were go-to’s for this meat-free eater!

That’s when I discovered RXBAR protein bars.

What To Know About RXBARs

I came across RXBARs as I researched ways to up my protein intake throughout Whole30. I knew hard-boiled eggs—along with nuts—would be a staple. But I craved a protein-packed and portable snack.

Enter RXBARs: Made with egg whites, dates, nuts, sometimes fruit, and natural flavors, RXBARs are famous for their simple, transparent ingredient list.

Their claim-to-fame is that they’re filler-free (a rarity in the world of protein bars). Unsurprisingly, they’re wildly popular with consumers looking for clean ingredients or following a strict diet plan.

Finding My Flavors

As I stocked up on what Whole30 calls ‘emergency food,’ I picked up a box of Chocolate Hazelnut RXBARs at my local The Vitamin Shoppe. That flavor combo always does well for me. (Hello, Nutella.)

The ingredient list read: dates, egg whites, hazelnuts, cashews, chocolate, cocoa, and natural flavors.

I stashed the box in my desk drawer, glad to have a compliant snack I could feel good about when hanger kicked in. (Full disclosure: Though Whole30 urges dieters to reserve these types of bars for emergencies, I snacked on them a little more frequently in the name of adding protein to my already-limited diet.)

I quickly became obsessed with RXBARs. By the time I finished my Whole30, I had a few boxes stashed away. In addition to Chocolate Hazelnut, I kept the Chocolate Sea Salt bars handy for when I wanted a salty-sweet kick and the Blueberry for something fruity. And once I could have legumes again, the Peanut Butter Chocolate bars entered my regular rotation.

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Sharing The RXBAR Love With My Family

As my love of RXBARs grew, I somehow managed to get my parents (specifically, my dad) in on the obsession. They’d decided to stick to a Paleo diet (which is similar to Whole30) throughout my 30-day reset, so I brought a box of RXBARs home to them one night as a treat.

Ever since then, I get regular texts from my dad asking me to bring him more bars the next time I see him. He keeps bars stashed in his glove compartment, in the kitchen, and even brings them to the movies or concerts. During a two-week road trip with my brother, he brought an entire box with him.

On a recent trip to The Vitamin Shoppe to restock on my favorite bars, I practically squealed to find a box of the latest RXBAR flavor, Banana Chocolate Walnut. I called my dad right away to share the exciting news and, of course, he asked for a few boxes himself. Trust me, the hype was warranted: Banana Chocolate Walnut has quickly become my all-time favorite flavor. It tastes exactly like chocolatey, nutty banana bread—without any of the added junk.

RXBARS And Me: A Love Story

Nowadays, I snack on half a RXBAR when my mid-afternoon slump hits. Though the sugar in these bars is totally natural (from the dates), they’re still a relatively sweet treat—and half a bar really hits the spot. I look forward to my snack every day (and swear it gets me through the tail end of the workday).

Plus, just like my dad, I always toss a bar in my bag for emergencies (and to keep myself far away from the candy counter at the movie theater).

Arielle Weg is the Social Media Specialist at The Vitamin Shoppe 

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