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Should You Work Out Today? Consult These Flow Charts

Whether it’s crummy weather, an extra-hectic schedule, ‘meh’-level motivation, or a potential injury, sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against your plans to get a workout in. Try as you might to plan ahead and pencil in those workouts, you may still often find yourself wondering if you’re really up for exercise—or whether it’s even a realistic priority for the day.

We should all be getting in some sort of movement at least three to five times per week, and that consistency is key for maintaining our health and charging toward our fitness goals, says Menachem Brodie, C.S.C.S., head coach at Human Vortex Training. That doesn’t mean we should always force ourselves to make it happen, though! Not sure whether to cancel the day’s gym plans or lace up your sneakers? These flow charts will help you decide.

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