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I Stopped Taking CBD For 2 Weeks—And I’ll Never Skip It Again

CBD has become a staple in my health and wellness lifestyle throughout the past three-plus years. I’ve carefully incorporated it into my daily routine, because it provides the balancing act I need throughout my body—from my organs to hormones. It’s my number one go-to for overall wellness.

I use CBD in so many ways and keep it stashed it everywhere. I have some in my nightstand for sleep, in my gym bag for post-workout recovery, and in my purse for those stressful days when my mind starts racing. It’s an essential tool that keeps me feeling rested, balanced, and focused. 

That said, I have always preached listening to your body and what it needs, because every day and situation is different. For instance, there were times in the past that I wouldn’t take CBD at night because I didn’t feel I needed it to get a good night’s rest, even though I knew it guaranteed me one.

Falling out of my routine

When the pandemic quickly took over our everyday life earlier this year, my schedule as a doctor became incredibly busy and work grew chaotic. The focus on PPE, hygiene, and what tomorrow might bring pulled me out of my usual self-care routines. 

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I was still sleeping okay and still exercising (though my workout routine wasn’t as vigorous), so at first, I didn’t think much about how falling out of my CBD routine would affect me.

Meanwhile, I started reaching for more caffeine throughout the day to get me going.

Eventually, this contributed to growing anxiety. In the weeks that followed, I began to lose focus, forgot things easily, and just didn’t feel like my usual rested and energetic self. 

I realized I needed to slow down. I began to analyze the other changes in my routine that could have contributed to my spiral. That’s when it hit me: I had stopped taking CBD for more than two weeks.

Bringing CBD back in

At this point, I was preparing to travel to a border town in Texas that had become a COVID hotspot.

Knowing stress levels would be high and sleep would be crucial, I went to pack my CBD and noticed I had run out. At this moment, it became even more clear how rough—both physically and mentally—the last couple of weeks had been.

I had felt off-balance, forgetful, more reactive, and extremely scatter-brained. Though I thought I was getting enough sleep, I was awakening tired—and fatigued easily throughout the day.

Luckily, I was able to have my CBD products sent to me in Texas. I quickly resumed my regular routine, taking 25 milligrams of a full-spectrum CBD oil at bedtime and a 10-milligram capsule after my workouts.

Although the week was full of stress, chaos, and exhaustion, I felt more well-rested. On my way home, I finally started to feel like myself again. 

Maintaining the balance

I often tell patients CBD works behind the scenes, keeping things balanced and under control and regulating your cannabinoid system so you can function at your best.  You may not feel it every time you take it, but it’s doing something.

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Thankfully, after a week of being back on my routine, I was back in action and my cannabinoid system seemed back in check. After this experience, I don’t think I will ever allow myself to run out of this wonderful plant that has truly changed my life.

headshot of Dr. Jacky Montoya, MD


Dr. Jacky is a double board-certified physician with extensive training in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. Her expertise in Western medicine is complemented by the use of alternative treatments—cannabinoids, in particular. Dr. Jacky believes in feeding the body, mind, and soul in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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