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10 Women Who Prove Strong Is Beautiful

Quit hogging the benches, guys—you’re not the only gender with keys to the weight room.

With more and more women jumping on the lifting heavy train, it’s no wonder hashtags like #GirlsWhoLift and #StrongWomen are popping up all over social media. For a hefty dose of girl power, check out these 10 inspiring women who wow the interwebs with their impressive gym moves.

Straight up slaying.

Get those PRs, girl.

This is the leg workout to end all leg workouts. Now that takes stamina.

That bar weighs 200 pounds, people. APPLAUSE.

This move gets extra points for creativity.

Nailed it. Look at all those plates!

Does anything seem more beast mode than flipping a tire?

Bestie workouts, best workouts.

Drop it, drop it low.

Big lift, conquered.

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