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11 Supplements You Didn’t Know You Can Take As Gummies

Who doesn’t love a gummy vitamin to start their day? Some taste so good, in fact, it can be hard to stop at just one. Luckily, though, all sorts of supplement are popping up in gummy form these days. And while you might not want to fill your entire cabinet with them (that sugar adds up fast), gummy supplements certainly have their perks. Have trouble sticking to your routine? A yummy gummy will make getting in the habit so much easier. Itching for something sweet that also does your body good? Again, gummies for the win.

Whether you can’t stand the taste of straight apple cider vinegar or want to get your magnesium in before bed, there’s a gummy supplement for you. Here are 11 different nutrients that now come in gummy form.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If shots of ACV just don’t appeal to you (can’t blame you there), you can get your fill of the popular elixir in a perfectly sweet-tart gummy. The Vitamin Shoppe brand Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies contain the mother, so you reap the full benefits of good ol’ ACV. If you want your gummy to work double-time, try Garden of Life mykind organics Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Energy Gummies (which also contain vitamin B12) or their Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Probiotic Gummies (which also offer two billion CFU of probiotics).

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Another popular option: goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, which were the first ACV gummies to get major attention.


This popular immune support supplement is often taken in liquid form, but having a gummy option comes in clutch if you think the flavor’s too potent or want to pack in some additional nutrients.

Want to keep it simple? Opt for Nature’s Way Sambucus Standardized Elderberry Gummies. Otherwise, try The Vitamin Shoppe brand Raspberry Elderberry Gummies with Echinacea and Propolis.

Other brands offer more added perks still. Garden of Life mykind organics Elderberry Immune Gummies also contain organic echinacea, vitamin c, and zinc, while OLLY Immunity Sleep + Elderberry Gummies pack in echinacea, vitamin c, zinc, and melatonin to support immunity while you snooze


Magnesium is one of the most popular supplements in the game, so it’s no surprise that it eventually made its way into gummy form. Trace Minerals Magnesium Gummies come in delish Watermelon and Tangerine flavors, and Natural Vitality Calm Raspberry Lemon Magnesium Gummies are a fan favorite.

If you’re taking magnesium specifically to support sleep, though, try Natural Vitality Sleep Blueberry Pomegranate Magnesium Gummies, which combine mag with melatonin and l-theanine.


Gummies that are good for your gut? Sign us up. Get your daily dose of those healthy bacteria with a supplement like Nature’s Way Fortify Everyday Care Probiotic Gummies.

Gummy probiotics are also a popular option for the little ones—and make nourishing their growing guts as easy as ever. Two popular options: Nordic Naturals Kids Probiotic Gummies and Renew Life Ultimate Flora Kids’ Probiotic Gummies.


Collagen is the trend that just keeps on trending—and if you don’t want to take capsules or pour powder into your coffee, you can pop collagen gummy supplements instead. Beauty powerhouse brand NeoCell offers a few different options, including NeoCell Collagen & Biotin Gummy Glow (which offers two grams of types I and III collagen, plus biotin), NeoCell Beauty Shield Collagen Gummies (which pairs 200 milligrams of collagen with a slew of skin-loving antioxidants), and NeoCell Glam Hair & Nails Collagen Gummies (which combines 100 milligrams of collagen with keratin and antioxidants for strong hair and nails).

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If you prefer a simpler option, check out The Vitamin Shoppe brand Orange Collagen Gummies, which offer 100 milligrams of easy-to-absorb marine collagen.


Kiss fish burps goodbye with the tastiest way to get your omega-3 fix out there. Nordic Naturals’ Tangerine Omega-3 Nordic Fishies and Strawberry Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Worms provide 227 and 124 milligrams of fish oil, respectively. They’re a kid- and adult-friendly way to up your intake of important EPA and DHA from carefully sourced and rigorously tested Norwegian fish.

Tart Cherry

Support recovery post-workout or simply boost your overall antioxidant intake with Enzymatic Therapy Tart Cherry Ultra Gummies. Each serving provides a gram of whole tart cherry fruit concentrate from famous Montmorency cherries.


CoQ10 is a crucial heart health supplement for many people—and taking it in tasty gummy form is a great way to stay consistent. Doctor’s Best Tropical Dream CoQ10 Gummies and Nutrition Now CoQ10 Gummies both provide 200 milligrams of Ubiquinone CoQ10.


If you can’t even look at another glass of cranberry juice, we’ve got you. Nature’s Way CranRx Urinary Health Gummies contain 500 milligrams of standardized whole cranberry extract, plus vitamin C and D-Mannose to support urinary health. Problem solved!


Antioxidant-rich turmeric is delicious in all sorts of recipes (have you tried Golden Milk yet?) and continues to be one of the buzziest supplements on the market. When the capsules or tablets get old, try Garden of Life mykind organics Turmeric Inflammatory Response Gummies. Each serving offers 254 milligrams of turmeric, plus fermented ginger and cinnamon bark. Another perk: Each gummy is sweetened only with fruit juice.


Biotin has been a go-to supplement for those with healthy hair, skin, and nails goals—and now making the routine stick is more fun than ever. The Vitamin Shoppe brand’s delicious Strawberry Biotin Gummies contain 10,000 micrograms of the nutrient per serving, while Vitafusion’s Blueberry Biotin Gummies offer 5,000.

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