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The Best Tea For Every Health Goal

The history of tea as medicine dates back centuries, and to this day, iced and hot teas are a key component in any holistic wellness toolkit. Though they may not cure every ill, the right tea can certainly serve as a delicious, soothing way to supplement your health routine. Whether green, black, or herbal, there’s a tea out there suited to your needs.

Wondering which leaves to steep in your cup? Check out these top picks for various health goals. 

Best Tea for Sleep: Teapigs Calm Relaxing Tea with Valerian

 Tossing and turning? A valerian-infused tea like Teapigs Calm Relaxing Tea could get you snoozing faster and deeper. A 2024 study found that supplementing with valerian extract for eight weeks significantly improved several aspects of subjects’ sleep, including overall sleep quality, total sleep time, and the time it took to nod off.

Best Tea for Stress: Yogi Kava Stress Relief

Almost any cup of tea can be soothing due to its comforting warmth—and some teas contain ingredients scientifically shown to bring stress levels down a notch. Kava is one of them. A root native to the islands of the western Pacific, it may have a small effect on reducing feelings of anxiety.

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Kava is the primary element in Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief tea, though the blend includes cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom for a rich, chai-like flavor. Give it a try when tensions run high. Just be sure to drink it in moderation and talk to your doctor before brewing. A high intake of kava has been linked to liver injury. 

Best Tea for Healthy Blood Sugar: Triple Leaf Sugar Balance Tea

If your blood sugar tends to get off-kilter, you may be used to adjusting the food you eat. But consider the beverages you drink, too. We’re not just talking about ditching soda—we’re talking tea! 

The herbs in Triple Leaf’s Sugar Balance tea are intended to help promote healthy blood sugar. Licorice root, for example, may help the body become more sensitive to insulin, according to research from 2020. Another study found that astragalus root, also included in this tea blend, significantly reduced fasting blood sugar when administered as an injection. The combo of these and other herbs could be worth a try if supporting healthy blood sugar is top of mind.

Best Tea for Immune Support: Ryl Immune Support Iced Tea

During cold and flu season or anytime you’re feeling under the weather, consider snagging a 12-pack of Ryl’s Immune Support tea. The only iced drink on our list, this one comes pre-brewed in slim cans you can easily take on the go. Its epic 500 milligrams of vitamin C (over 550 percent of the Daily Value) joins a lengthy list of other immune-supporting nutrients, including significant amounts of vitamin D, vitamin B6, and zinc, each of which has been linked to immune health. The whole thing is served up in a juicy, orange-flavored beverage sweetened with zero-calorie stevia. 

Best Tea for Energy: Twinings Matcha, Cranberry, and Lime Green Tea

Forget coffee, the best hot beverage for energy might just be green tea. At about 28 milligrams of caffeine per cup, green tea has the power to boost your alertness without giving you the jitters of coffee (which contains about 96 milligrams per cup). And in the case of Twinings’ Matcha, Cranberry, and Lime Green Tea, you’ll get just enough zingy flavor to keep you perked up.

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The tea’s matcha content offers another benefit. A large 2017 review of 49 studies found that the combination of l-theanine and caffeine in matcha tea promoted improved alertness, as well as performance in attention-switching tasks.

Best Tea for Lactation: Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk

Mamas who want to up their breastmilk supply could get a boost from the right tea. A blend of pro-lactation herbs like fenugreek, anise, fennel, and coriander comprise Traditional Medicinals’ Mother’s Milk tea, a top choice for breastfeeding moms. 

Of course, each herb featured in this blend has earned its place. Fenugreek, for example, has been shown to enhance maternal milk production and promote infant birth weight regain, while fennel contains phytoestrogens believed to promote lactation. 

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