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4 Easy Ways To Use Aromatherapy Blends For Self-Care

Whether you want to relax your muscles or energize your senses, you can level up your self-care routine naturally with essential oil blends!

All you have to do is choose which of Mytrition‘s new aromatherapeutic oil blends best fits your mood. Need a pick-me-up? The Energy blend, which is loaded with refreshing citrus oils, will perk you right up. Trying to chill out? The Relax blend combines all sorts of soothing oils, like lavender, sage, chamomile, rose, and sandalwood, to help you unwind. When you need to clear your head and get down to business, oils like eucalyptus, ginger, and lemon in the Clarity blend will help you focus. And, of course, when it’s time to hit the hay, the Dream blend‘s lavender, frankincense, and ylang ylang will practically sing you to sleep.

What are the best ways to use these mind- and body-loving oil blends? Check out these four easy methods.


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