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14 Ways To Get Your Matcha Fix—Other Than Making Tea

Matcha, a powder made from green tea leaves, has taken over lattes and Instagram feeds everywhere. Considering it’s chock-full of nutrients and antioxidants, as well as a natural source of caffeine, we’re not complaining.

But if a mug of piping hot matcha doesn’t appeal on warm-weather days—or if you’re new to the slightly-bitter flavor—you can enjoy the benefits of this green super-powder in baked goods, energy bites, smoothies, and more.

matcha 1
photo: Epic Matcha

Matcha Limeade

Why not enjoy a nice dose of antioxidants in that refreshing glass of limeade? Epic Matcha’s recipe takes matcha straight into the summer.

matcha 2
photo: Oh, How Civilized

Matcha Banana Nice Cream

With a couple of frozen bananas and a good blender or food processor, you’re never more than a minute or two away from a healthy ice cream alternative. Swap out your usual flavor add-ins for matcha powder to create a delightfully green frozen treat, courtesy of Oh, How Civilized. (Sub in coconut milk for the condensed milk for a dairy-free option.)

matcha 3
photo: Living Well Mom

Matcha Energy Bites

Five simple ingredients come together for these chewy and sweet bites from Living Well Mom. Matcha newbies can add slightly more maple syrup for a little extra sweetness.

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matcha 4
photo: The Grateful Grazer

Coconut Matcha Energy Bars

Making energy bars at home can save major cash—on top of the added sugar many bars are packed with! Swap sugar for antioxidants with this recipe from The Grateful Grazer. They’re also loaded with healthy fats from almonds, cashews, hemp seeds, and coconut.

matcha 5
photo: Salu Salo Recipes

White Chocolate Matcha Cookies

The ultimate gateway matcha recipe, these matcha cookies play off your favorite traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe. Salu Salo Recipes mixes matcha into the dough and swaps your usual chocolate chips for white chocolate. Soft and chewy—and party-friendly.

matcha 6
photo: Desserts With Benefits

Matcha Overnight Oats

This easy make-ahead breakfast is the perfect canvas for different flavor combinations. Desserts With Benefits sweetens up these matcha overnight oats with vanilla and almond extracts. Plus, you can always add your favorite vanilla protein to give your oats a boost.

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matcha 7
photo: Pastry Affair

Coconut Matcha Chia Pudding

No instant pudding packets here! Soaking chia seeds in coconut milk creates the perfect creamy, slurp-worthy pudding texture you’ll want to spoon up for breakfast, snack-time, and dessert. Top this treat from Pastry Affair with a dollop of coconut whipped cream and you’re golden.

matcha 8
photo: Fearless Dining

Matcha Banana Bread

Starting to realize you can add matcha to just about any baked good your heart desires? Fearless Dining’s classic banana bread recipe packs a bunch of our favorite healthy baking ingredients, like coconut oil, almond flour, and almond milk.

matcha 9
photo: Becomingness!

Raw Matcha Brownies

No baking required for these ooey-gooey matcha brownies by Becomingness! Cacao powder, pecans, dates, and vanilla extract come together to make these fudgy brownies, while cacao butter, matcha, and a sweetener like honey or maple syrup create a creamy layer of matcha goodness.

matcha 10
photo: Milly’s Kitchen

Matcha White Chocolate Bark With Coconut And Raspberries

Chocolate bark isn’t just for the holidays—this colorful matcha white chocolate bark screams springtime. With just four simple ingredients, it’s easy to make and sinfully sweet. Tweak this recipe from Milly’s Kitchen by swapping in different toppings for the raspberries and coconut.

matcha 11
photo: Goodness Is Gorgeous

Matcha Pistachio Ice Pops

Since you’re not about to be sipping hot matcha poolside, these frozen matcha pistachio pops are the ultimate summer antioxidant boost. Get your ice pop molds ready for Goodness Is Gorgeous’s recipe!

match 12
photo: Living Well Mom

Matcha Fudge

Coconut butter, coconut cream, and coconut oil make the most delightful base for this light and sweet fudge by Living Well Mom. Plus it’s free of the refined sugar in most fudge—and sweetened with pure maple syrup and vanilla extract instead.

matcha 13
photo: Sarah Hearts

Matcha Rice Krispie Treats

Because six-year-olds and full-grown adults alike can appreciate a good rice krispie treat (or four), why not add matcha to the crunchy, marshmallowy mix? Swap coconut oil in for butter to make Sarah Hearts’ recipe dairy-free.

matcha 14
photo: My Life Cookbook

Mango Matcha Green Smoothie

This summery smoothie from My Life Cookbook packs all sorts of greens, including matcha, spinach, and (our personal favorite) avocado. Mango naturally sweetens up the blend for a tasty, nutrient-packed drink.

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