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6 Ways To Pump Up Your Favorite Foods With A Protein RTD

Ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shakes are absolute life-savers when you need an easy, convenient snack or meal—not to mention, they’re milkshake-level creamy.

But with a little creativity, these protein-packed RTDs are capable of so much more. Protein pudding, anyone? Grab your shake and try these six next-level ways to pack some extra protein into your life.

Breakfast cereal wheat flakes in bowl and milk bottles1. RTD, Meet Cereal

Sometimes your soul just needs a bowl of cereal. Why not give your bowl a boost of protein and use an RTD like Orgain’s new plant-based shake instead of regular ‘ol milk? This way you can enjoy chocolate-y cereal milk from the very first spoonful.

French Toast

2. Muscle-Friendly French Toast

We usually soak our French toast bread in a mixture of milk, eggs, and vanilla. Again, we’re giving plain milk the boot for a thick, delicious protein shake and letting that bread soak up all the gains before we pop it onto the pan.

Chocolate Coconut Chia seeds overnight oats

3. Overnight Oats + Protein = Overnight Proats

Overnight oats are a great grab-and-go breakfast—and packed with protein if you make them with an RTD. Just load up a jar with rolled oats and add enough RTD to cover them, then throw in any other add-ins your heart desires, like chia seeds or dark chocolate chips. Let everything soak overnight and you’ll have yourself a quality breakfast in the A.M.

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chocolate cream

4. Pumped-Up Pudding

It’s probably been a while since you’ve dug a spoon into a cool, creamy bowl of pudding—and we should fix that. Instead of combining instant pudding mix with water or milk, crack open an RTD shake instead. Stash your treat in the fridge and prepare for a muscle-friendly, anytime snack.

Vanilla ice cream

5. Ice Cream? Nice Cream.

Throw frozen bananas in the food processor—along with flavor add-ins like cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and nut butter—and you’ve got the perfect, healthier stand-in for ice cream. Add some protein to your frozen treat by freezing an RTD in an ice cube tray and processing along with the frozen banana for ‘nice cream.’

Healthy chocolate avocado banana smoothie

6. The Smoothest Smoothies

Smoothie aficionados, you’ve got two options here. Swap the water or milk in your usual smoothie with an RTD shake for a smoothie that’s as thick as a milkshake. Or, freeze an RTD in an ice cube tray and use your frozen RTD cubes instead of ice to pack as much protein (and flavor) into your next blend.

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