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7 Ways To Use Green Superfood Powders—Other Than Putting Them In A Smoothie

It can sometimes be difficult to get enough (or even any) veggies at every meal. If you’re skimping on your greens or just want to kick up the amount of nutrition you’re getting from your diet, there’s a healthy—and easy—answer.

Enter the world of supergreen powders. Green superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, broccoli, wheatgrass, barley, and moringa boast plenty of health benefits, like protecting against oxidative stress (stress caused by free radicals), boosting the immune system, promoting digestive health, and increasing metabolism —and they can be easily added to your snacks and meals via powders.

With so many supergreen powder combos out there, you can maximize your nutrient and mineral profiles while creating some delicious dishes (and nope, smoothies aren’t your only option!):

It’s green eggs and ham—taken to the next level. In this savory breakfast bake recipe by Just Jessie B, you’ll add the green powder into your eggs, beat them so they’re thoroughly mixed, and make a nourishing omelet filled with nutritional goodness. (And if you have kids, this may be a great way to get them to eat a healthy breakfast!)

Know Your Supergreens: A Cheat Sheet On What’s What


A barley grass powder like Green Magma can be easily mixed into a summery greens-based gazpacho, like in this Food.com recipe. Avocado, cucumber, and apple cider vinegar, anyone?  And since you’ll be pureeing the ingredients, the barley powder will work into the mix seamlessly.

salad dressing
If you’re already eating a healthy salad, why not boost the nutritional value by adding your green powder to a bit of salad dressing? Check out this creamy, dreamy green salad dressing recipe by Edible Goddess. If you want something with a little crunch, these delicious Spirulina Crunchies make a great salad topper.

hot cereal

Yes, you heard that correctly! Green oatmeal may look a bit strange, but it will be tasty and nutritious, we promise. This Green Living Ash oatmeal recipe uses spirulina, but you can mix in any green you’d like. Big fan of overnight oats? Try this simple green goodness Muffin Myth recipe.

chia pudding
To make this delicious dessert (or dessert for breakfast!) Hunger Thirst Play recipe, add the supergreen powder of your choice to some chia seeds, add nut milk, and voila—you’ve taken a superfood (chia) and turned it into a super-superfood dish! Just remember: When you’re mixing the supergreen powder to the chia seeds, be sure to stir or whisk vigorously to de-clump.

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energy balls
Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll find a million different mouth-watering recipes for energy balls or bombs (small bites filled with protein, carbs, and fats). If you’re looking to limit your sugar intake but still want to get in on the energy ball game, swap sugar for supergreen powder and enjoy a nutritious little treat. Perfect for breakfast, snack time, or even dessert.

If you’re in the market for a creative drink (mocktail or cocktail!), this nutrient-packed spirulina and matcha-based Blonde Berry recipe will up your beverage game (not to mention, matcha is a great source of antioxidants). With a base of coconut water and a strong stir, you’re good to go. Cheers!

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