Week 8: Turn Up The Heat During Your Final Week

It’s our final week of this eight-week Lose Weight challenge and I couldn’t be more proud of you! Chances are you’ve noticed some exciting changes in how you look and feel by now. Maybe your pants feel looser and you can see some muscles peeking through. Maybe you’re sleeping like a baby and no longer feel winded by getting to the top of the stairs.

You’re a heck of a lot stronger and faster than you were two months ago, that’s for sure. And your body is probably thanking you big time for consistently fueling it with clean, nutritious foods.

You’ve kicked butt these seven weeks—but you’re not rid of me yet! You know the drill. Turn everything up a notch and ignite the power of progressive overload. It’s time to charge through that finish line.

This week, focus on feeling strong and pushing yourself to set new records in your lifts and HIIT workouts…. Plus, one final challenge from me.

I know, I know, this is all challenging enough, right? I wouldn’t ask you to do this if I didn’t believe you could do it. And I need you to believe you can do it.

Here it goes.

Your HIIT B workout is a 20-minute session. I want you to focus on beating last week’s record, for sure. But you already knew that! This week, though, we’re going to test your grit and accelerate your results. So, after you’ve finished your usual session, rest for five minutes and choose a circuit to repeat for 10 additional minutes.

You can push to set a new record here, but it’s not necessary. My challenge is just that you go for that extra round.

What do you say?

And just remember—your clean diet is the battery powering your muscles and mind, so nailing your nutrition is even more important when you need to really push yourself and work hard in the gym. So enjoy that lean protein and all those green veggies this week and power through that extra 10 minutes of work!

I’ll see you on the other side, champ. You got this!