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supplements celebrities love: LeBron Ladder

7 Wellness Brands Celebrities Swear By

Movie actors, pop stars, and pro athletes have long inspired everything from diet crazes to makeup trends—and now, as more and more people seek out ways to support their health and fitness, many of today’s biggest celebrities have shifted their focus to a new area of influence: wellness. 

Looking for some A-lister-endorsed supplements to fuel your workouts, nourish your body, or put you in the chill zone? These seven up-and-coming brands deliver innovative products backed by world-famous faces. 

Vital Proteins


A major player in the collagen game, Vital Proteins was already popular amongst wellness seekers before Jennifer Aniston joined the company as Chief Creative Officer in late 2020—but recent ads featuring the former Friends star incorporating VP collagen powders into to her morning smoothies and coffee have catapulted the brand to household name status. 

If anyone can inspire millions of people to start a new wellness routine, it’s the woman who had a haircut named after her TV show character. 


The inspiration behind Ladder’s performance-driven sports nutrition supplements (think pre-workout, hydration, and protein) was none other than LeBron James himself, who was looking for effective products he could trust to support his training and game-day performance. He tapped Arnold Schwarzenegger’s longtime knowledge of the sports supplement industry and, after four years, the NSF Certified For Sport brand was born. 

That NSF Certified For Sport seal is a big deal because it means that all ingredients (and their doses) are approved by major sports governing bodies, making Ladder’s supplements safe for everyday athletes and professionals alike to use on the daily. 

Goli Nutrition

Goli is famous for making apple cider vinegar gummies a thing—and they’ve since packed everything from ashwagandha to super greens into tasty gummy supplements. Their mission: to make taking popular daily supplements fun. If you’re not sold on the idea of ACV gummies, trust Jennifer Lopez, who says she takes them every day. (And, for what it’s worth, apparently her ex-beau, Alex Rodriguez, is a big fan of the brand’s ashwagandha gummies.) Not into gummies? Goli’s recent candy-inspired bites—like the Vanilla Cocoa Chocolate Multi Bites—are yet another tasty way to get the good stuff in.


If anyone is serious about their fitness, it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. After all, the wrestling legend, Hollywood star, and Instagram sensation is made of head-to-toe muscle.

Naturally, being an absolute beast in the gym and on screen requires a lot of energy—which is why Johnson created ZOA. He couldn’t find a drink that offered the one-two punch of immune health and energy he was after, so he gathered a team together, got to formulating, and launched his own line of energy drinks. ZOA’s drinks combine immune-loving ingredients like vitamin C-rich camu camu with energy-boosters like B vitamins and caffeine from green tea and green coffee beans. 

That’s not all ZOA is about, either. Johnson and team built the brand with the mission of empowering others with positivity so that they can overcome challenges and always be a little better than they were yesterday. 


Chris Bumstead, reigning champion of the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique bodybuilding competition, is a household name (and idol) amongst many a weight-room regular. And if you want to supplement like the best, now you can, with the RAW CBUM Series, a collaboration between Chris Bumstead and RAW. The collab features two products, Thavage Pre-Workout and Itholate Protein, which were formulated and flavored by Bumstead himself. 

Thavage Pre-Workout features about 200 milligrams of caffeine and the whole gang of performance go-to’s, from Alpha GPC to l-tyrosine (not to mention fun flavors like Rocket Candy.) The Itholate Protein, meanwhile, packs in 25 grams of micro-filtered whey protein isolate into every Cinnamon Crunch Cereal or Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie-flavored scoop.


RYSE is all about sports supps that are powerful, pure, and proven to work—and that have unmatched flavors (their licensed flavors, like Sunny D and Smarties, taste just like the real thing).

RYSE’s Noel Deyzel X Godzilla Pre-Workout is an absolute monster of a pre-workout supplement, created in collaboration with IFBB Heavyweight Bodybuilder Noel Deyzel. A hardcore 400 milligrams of caffeine, plus a whopping 11 grams of pump-boosting citrulline, beta-alanine, and other trusted players make for a formula that’ll help you absolutely destroy your workout, Deyzel-style. He doesn’t mess around, so why should you?


Hemp-infused drinks are having a minute (a very long minute)—and MAD TASTY is one of the best in the game. Created by Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Ryan Tedder (perhaps you know him as the frontman of OneRepublic), this flavored sparkling water offers 20 milligrams of hemp extract in every can to keep you hydrated, at-ease, and energized throughout your day. Tedder created the brand after exploring the benefits of hemp and trying to swap out the loads of coffee he drank with something more hydrating. 

Recently, MAD TASTY launched Body+Mind Wellness Boost shots that combine 50 milligrams of hemp extract with other nourishing all-stars like elderberry and ginger for when you need an extra punch of mind-body love. 

In addition to supporting the health and wellbeing of MAD TASTY fans, Tedder wanted to make sure the brand also served a greater purpose, which is why it partners with Drop4Drop and donates an ounce of clean drinking water for every ounce of MAD TASTY sold.

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