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Meet Kris Gethin, Member Of The Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council

We’re all about celebrating the little wins that add up to big gains in our health and wellness journeys. That’s why we assembled a diverse, accomplished team of health and wellness experts to share their tips, tricks, and personal stories online and in-store. Our hope is that this Wellness Council will inspire, motivate, and guide you along your own path to victory.

Meet Kris Gethin.

A natural pro bodybuilder, IRONMAN competitor, and ultra-marathoner, Kris Gethin is widely known across the health and fitness space as one of the leading experts and body transformation specialists in the world. As the co-founder and former CEO of Kaged Muscle supplements, former editor-in-chief of BodyBuilding.com, host of The Kris Gethin Podcast, author of the best-selling book Body by Design, and host of numerous bio-hacking seminars worldwide, Kris has helped educate and change the lives of millions of people.

In videos, What’s Good articles, and more, Kris will share his go-to workouts, drop nutrition knowledge, and help us all bust through our health and fitness barriers. Check out some of his work:

Want more from Kris? Check back here! We’ll keep this page updated with his latest and greatest. 

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