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Meet Liz Josefsberg, Member Of The Vitamin Shoppe Wellness Council

We’re all about celebrating the little wins that add up to big gains in our health and wellness journeys. That’s why we assembled a diverse, accomplished team of health and wellness experts to share their tips, tricks, and personal stories online and in-store. Our hope is that this Wellness Council will inspire, motivate, and guide you along your own path to victory.

Meet Liz Josefsberg.

With more than 15 years in the health and wellness industry under her belt, celebrity weight-loss expert Liz Josefsberg is best known for helping stars like Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson lose weight and transform their lives. She is the author of many books, including the recent Target 100, which breaks weight loss down into six easy steps. Since overcoming her own struggle with losing weight and establishing a healthy lifestyle, Liz has used her experience and knowledge to inspire countless others.

In monthly What’s Good articles, Liz shares her personal health journey, puts diet and fitness trends to the test, and helps others live healthier lives. Check them out:

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Did you know you're more likely to lose weight and keep it off if you have an established network of support? Support keeps you motivated, helps you see your progress by celebrating your small victories and helps you stay focused. • However, do you put conditions on your success and minimize it because you feel like you're bragging or selfish for sharing? Or that you're getting excited over nothing if you want to tell a friend, "I worked out today like I said I would!" Or, that you should save sharing for when you hit “big” weight loss milestones like 25lbs, or 50lbs, or wait until you’ve reached your goal weight? • It’s time to learn how to celebrate success no matter how big or small your victories! Find your go-to people and encouragers and use them as your “good news” repository. • I’m here for you and so is @vitaminshoppe! I’m so excited to announce my partnership with a company that also truly gets celebrating the small victories. Stay tuned as we bring you new ways of celebrating you, because you are worth it! . . . @target100program #vitaminshoppe #victoryisyours #ad #LizJosefsberg #Target100 #WordsOfLizdom #authorsofinstagram #weightlossdiary #weightlossprogress #motivateyourself #beyondthescale #celebratemysize #keepmovingforward #believeinyourself #weightlossinspiration #weightlossgoals #weightlosssupport

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