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16 Snacks That Will Help You Survive The Whole30

Could you cut out alcohol, grains, dairy, sugar, soy, legumes, and all things processed for 30 days? That’s the premise of the ever-popular Whole30, a 30-day elimination diet plan that claims to reset your relationship with food, improve energy levels and body composition, ease digestive struggles, and help manage health issues, among a number of other benefits.

Let’s be real: Eating that clean for a month is no easy task—especially if you’re coming off a diet that involved a lot of food out of bags and boxes (think frozen dinners, tortilla chips). And perhaps one of the biggest challenges of the Whole30 is snacking. After all, 99 percent of the goodies in the vending machine or convenience store are a no-go under Whole30’s rules. Honey-wheat pretzel twists? Nope. Granola bars? Nah-uh. Even snacks that seem healthy, like whole-grain crackers and hummus are off-limits.

Arm yourself with Whole30-compliant snacks, though (yes, they exist!) and you just might survive your month-long food experiment without turning into the cookie monster. Here are 15 yummy options, so you can snack your heart out, Whole30-style:

Apple (Or Banana) With Almond Butter

Since peanut butter is off the menu on Whole30 (sob), you’ll have to explore other nut butter options for spreading on fruit. If you’re not a fan of almond butter, try sunflower seed butter or the incredibly-creamy cashew butter instead.

Frozen Grapes

Fruit will be your sugar craving savior throughout the Whole30, and frozen grapes in particular may rock your taste buds so hard that they’ll be a staple even when your 30 days are up. Every single frozen grape is like a mini sorbet—super sweet and fun to eat.


The label says it all: “No B.S.” RXBARs are made with a handful of whole ingredients, without added sugar or anything artificial. Just egg whites, dates, nuts, a few natural spices and flavors—and sometimes unsweetened cocoa or cacao. Bonus: They pack a solid 12 grams of protein. (Just stay away from any of the flavors that involve peanuts.)

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Veggie Sticks And Guacamole

Because, yes, guacamole is allowed on Whole30 (just check your ingredients if it’s pre-made), and there are plenty of things you can dip with besides chips. Baby carrots, zucchini sticks, or even green beans in a pinch, all get the dipping job done—for far fewer calories and much more nutrition than chips.

Epic Bar Beef Habanero Cherry Bar

When making yourself a snack just isn’t happening—or if you’re traveling—Epic Bar’s protein-packed snacks are perfect for stashing in your purse or gym bag. With just a few whole ingredients like organic beef, walnuts, dried cherries, and seasoning, these bars are some of very few official Whole30-approved packaged eats.

Salted Mixed Nuts

When you cut out pretty much all processed snacks and meals, there’s a good chance you’ve also cut out a ton of salt. Lightly salted nuts make for a satisfying and hunger-squashing snack. Just make sure your mix is peanut-free! Cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, and all of the seeds under the sun are still fair game.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Protein lovers, this snack is for you. Hard-boiled eggs are an easy way to squeeze in some protein when you’re on the run and can’t turn to a protein bar or shake. Two large hard-boiled eggs pack about 12 grams of protein.

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Zucchini, Beet, Sweet Potato, or Kale Chips

Sometimes you just need crunch—and with a mandolin slicer, an oven, and a little patience, you can make chips from pretty much any vegetable you have in the kitchen. Sprinkle your veggie slices (or kale leaves) with a little olive oil and sea salt, pop them in the oven at 350 degrees until crisp, and enjoy every crunchy bite.

LaCroix Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water

Okay, this may not quite be a snack, but if fizzy sips get you through the day, LaCroix naturally-flavored sparkling waters can help you survive soda cravings and ward off snacking out of boredom.

DIY Trail Mix

When tons of store-bought trail mixes involve candy pieces, added sugar, and things like yogurt balls (there’s no way they’re actually yogurt), enjoying this staple snack on Whole30 may mean throwing together your own. All you really need are some nuts, seeds, and dried fruit—but you can also add unsweetened coconut flakes if you want a little extra sweetness. If you’re feeling extra tropical, try a mix of Brazil nuts, cashews, dried pineapple, and coconut flakes.

Sunfoods Superfoods Berry Adventure Mix

There is some hope for store-bought trail mixes though—just hit up a health food store and look for a mix with just a few whole ingredients. Sunfoods Superfoods’ berry mix has a short and sweet ingredient list, containing just cashews, goji berries, and golden berries.

Chia Pudding

The small-but-mighty chia seed packs protein, fiber, and healthy fats—but they can be tricky to eat. To make chia pudding, combine three tablespoons of chia seeds with a cup of coconut milk in a jar and let soak overnight. The chia seeds absorb some of the liquid to form that satisfying pudding texture. You can add unsweetened cocoa powder, chopped nuts, or fresh fruit into the mix for extra flavor.

Veggie Slices And Salsa

Going without hummus is hard for many a Whole30-er—so finding other ways to satisfy the need to dip is essential. Plenty of pre-made salsas are a-okay on Whole30—and super useful for spicing up eggs, ground turkey, and more. Slice up your favorite veggies (we love cucumbers or jicama) and dip away! (And since salsa is lower in calories than guac, you can dip your heart out without going overboard.)

Melon And Prosciutto

When you’re feeling fancy, a few strips of prosciutto wrapped around slices of cantaloupe makes for a great salty-sweet snack. Plus, you can even trick people into eating a Whole30-compliant appetizer at your next barbecue or dinner party.

Collagen Smoothie

Grab your blender and whip yourself up a satisfying and refreshing smoothie—complete with a boost of protein from Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, which, yep, is Whole30-approved. Just add water, frozen fruit, a scoop of collagen peptides, and a spoonful of nut or seed butter and blend. Frozen mixed berries and almond butter make for a good go-to smoothie—and you can always throw some spinach into the mix for extra veggies.

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Chicken Avocado Lettuce Wraps

This snack feels like a mini meal—and is a great way to clear leftovers out of the fridge. Just grab a few romaine leaves, leftover chicken breast (or whatever other protein you have), a few avocado slices, and wrap it all up. Protein and veggies, all in one! You can add some Whole30-compliant hot sauce or mustard in there, too.

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