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What Health Enthusiast Kyle Takes To Give His Brain A Boost

Feel like you’ve been walking around in a fog, unable to truly get in the zone—or have been misplacing your keys (and your phone) far too often?

Everything from our diets to our busy schedules and constantly-buzzing devices affect our memory and brain health, especially as we age. Luckily, a solid supplement routine, rich in the right nutrients, can help us keep our noggins sharp.

The four supplements Health Enthusiast Kyle from our Freehold, NJ, store takes for a daily brain boost?

Check out this video to learn why:

My Brain Boost Essentials

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Want to give Kyle’s favorites a try? Check out the One Daily Men’s or One Daily Women’s multivitamin from The Vitamin Shoppe brand, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Omega-3 Fish Oil 1,100mg, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Phosphatidylserine Complex, and The Vitamin Shoppe brand Cognizin Citicoline.

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