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Chris’ Go-To Supplements For A Happy Gut

Uncooperative stomach holding you hostage?

Stomach aches and emergency sprints to the bathroom aside, your gut has a major impact on the rest of your body—and your overall health. While a nutritious, balanced diet goes a long way in giving your gut the nutrients it needs to rock and roll, a few carefully selected supplements can also help keep your gut in tip-top shape.

The four supplements Health Enthusiast Chris from our Little Falls, NJ store takes to nourish a happy, healthy gut?

Check out this video to learn why:

My Digestive Health Essentials

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Want to give Chris’ favorites a try? Check out the The Vitamin Shoppe brand One Daily Men’s Multi, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Ultimate 10 Probiotic 13 billion, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Miracle Fiber, and The Vitamin Shoppe brand Digestive Enzymes.

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