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4 Supplements Eric Relies On For An Energy Boost

Feel like you’re walking around in zombie mode, running on batteries that aren’t fully charged?

A healthy lifestyle—built on regular exercise, veggie-filled meals, and quality sleep—goes a long way in helping our bodies feel energized and function efficiently. From there, a few smart supplements can fill in any gaps and make sure we’re firing on all cylinders.

The four supplements Health Enthusiast Eric takes for a daily brain boost?

Check out this video to learn why:

My Energy & Vitality Essentials

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Want to give Eric’s favorites a try? Check out the BodyTech Men’s Sport One Daily Multivitamin, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Rhodiola Rosea, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Carnipure L-Carnitine, and plnt brand Whole-Food Vitamin B-12.

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