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What Health Enthusiast Samantha Takes To Manage Stress

No matter how many soothing mantras we repeat during a hectic day, sometimes it’s just plain tough to chill out. Luckily, there are ways we can tweak our routines to manage stress.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, prioritizing quality sleep, and practicing mindfulness rituals (like meditation or yoga) can go a long way in helping us find piece of mind. In addition, a number of supplements and nutrients can help your body fight the negative effects of stress and promote a greater sense of zen.

The four supplements Health Enthusiast Samantha from our Bridgewater, NJ, store relies on to keep calm and carry on?

Check out this video to learn why:

My Zen Essentials

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Want to give Sam’s favorites a try? Check out the Garden of Live Vitamin Code RAW ONE for Women multivitamin, The Vitamin Shoppe brand Magnesium Citrate (200mg), The Vitamin Shoppe brand B-Complex 100, and The Vitamin Shoppe brand L-Theanine (100mg).

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