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I Tried Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence For Longer, Stronger Hair

As I near my 30th birthday, I can confidently say I feel very unconfident about my hair.

I first became painstakingly concerned about my hair at 24, when my voluminous dark hair started to fall out in clumps. At first, I noticed extra shedding when I brushed my hair or washed it in the shower. Then, one day, I felt a smooth, golf ball-sized bald patch on the back of my head. 

I was quickly diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss and bald patches. These attacks can happen anywhere on the body—and mine, for better or worse, ravaged my head. 

Six months later, when my episode finally calmed down, I’d lost about a quarter of my hair. Although I currently only notice small patches of hair loss or thinness here and there, my hair has never quite bounced back in terms of thickness.

More recently, throughout the past two years, I’ve noticed a shift in my hairline, as well. Under bright light, you can look directly through to my forehead around where I part my hair. My hairline around my temples has also receded a bit. Perhaps unnoticeable to others, it definitely bothers me.

Kathleen Wong and friend hiking

I’m not alone in feeling this way. Hair loss and thinning in women are more common than you may think. Even though society mostly associates these issues with men, by age 50, nearly 40 percent of women report noticeable hair loss. Often, it looks like a wider part or thinner ponytail. Ahem, yep, that’s me.

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Unfortunately, women may experience hair loss for a variety of reasons, ranging from genetics and stress, to not getting enough vitamins and even out-of-whack hormones. Certain medical conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can also cause thinning hair. Even life events like childbirth can cause hair loss. I know I am often anxious and stressed, but c’mon

Given all this, to say I’m always open to new ways to support hair growth would be an understatement. So, when I came across a supplement called Hairfluence from the brand Zhou Nutrition, I was intrigued. I’ve taken vitamins before and dabbled with biotin. I’ve even tried massaging rosemary oil into my scalp using one of those scalp scrubbers. Nothing really yielded noticeable results. 

Now, to try something new. For a couple of months, I would take Zhou Hairfluence every day to see if it could help me grow fuller, healthier hair. Here’s what happened.

What’s in Zhou Hairfluence that’s so good for hair? 

The short answer? A lot. Zhou Hairfluence supplements are jam-packed with hair-nourishing ingredients like the widely recognized biotin, as well as lesser-known extracts such as silica sourced from bamboo. 

“Zhou Hairfluence is a noteworthy supplement designed to support hair growth in both men and women,” says Anna Peterson, a licensed cosmetologist based in New York City. “Its formula is a blend of essential vitamins such as biotin, other B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D3, as well as amino acids and other nutrients crucial for hair health.”

hand holding capsules of Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence supplement

Zhou Hairfluence supplements also include collagen and a vegan keratin blend, which Peterson approves of. “Collagen provides amino acids while keratin production is essential for hair structure and growth,” she says. Interestingly, early research suggests keratin may support hair regeneration.

One ingredient that stood out to me is Lustriva®, a combination of arginine silicate and magnesium biotinate. Research suggests this nutrient combo contributed to increased hair thickness after just three weeks.

Time to give Zhou Hairfluence a shot!

Peterson warned me that it could take between two and four months to really see any significant changes in my hair after incorporating a supplement. She also reminded me that achieving optimal hair growth requires a balanced diet

Still, I felt optimistic. After all, Peterson herself had said: “The comprehensive ingredient profile in Hairfluence supports the infrastructure necessary for healthy hair growth.”

So, I positioned a couple of bottles of Zhou Hairfluence next to my coffee machine so I’d remember to take the recommended two capsules each day while brewing my morning cup. And though I’ll admit the supplement left a strong vitamin taste in my mouth, I could certainly live with that in exchange for more lustrous hair. Sticking to the new regimen was no problemo.

The Results Are In!

I knew better than to expect any results in the first month or so, but still, I was impatient! I reminded myself that this was a marathon, not a sprint, and kept up with my routine.

Then, thankfully, during my eighth week of supplementing, I saw them: baby hairs sticking out all along my forehead at my hairline! Before, I only noticed these wispy hairs growing around my temples. 

Kathleen Wong baby hair growth

I understand that significant changes will take time (my part is still a little more see-through than I would like), but seeing this new growth has me feeling hopeful.

Around the same time, I also noticed that my curtain bangs, which I typically trimmed every three or so weeks, seemed to be growing out more quickly. Since around two months post-Hairfluence, I’ve been whipping out the shears almost every other week, so I’d say the supplement has helped speed up hair growth in a very real way.

Will I continue to use Zhou Hairfluence?

Seeing those baby hairs pop up in new places has been really exciting, so I’m not about to slow down the momentum of my new routine anytime soon. I’ll continue taking the supplements—especially since they have been such an effortless addition to my morning flow.

Kathleen Wong after photo

I’d suggest Hairfluence to anyone looking to boost their hair game. Just remember that patience is key. Nourishing hair growth (and regrowth!) doesn’t happen overnight. It took me two months to see results—but now I’m motivated to watch my hair continue to grow longer and stronger.

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